About Flying Cat

We're on a mission to drive organic business growth.

We specialize in building and executing SEO strategies through world-class content. We help scaling B2B companies relieve reliance on paid growth, get drive bigger profit margins, drive business KPIs and establish themselves as industry leaders. Through content marketing we help our clients dominate search engine results page, generating demand and capturing existing demand.

Low ego, strong values.

You’ll never have to deal with ego at Flying Cat Marketing.

We strongly believe that ego stands in the way of greatness. We thrive in an environment of feedback, improvement, and communication. We listen to our clients and to one another. We are constantly iterating, improving, testing and seeing how we can better create stellar content at scale.

We live and work by the following values:

✅ Extreme ownership: hold yourself and others accountable for doing the best work.

Purpose & process: everything gets a process, and everyone who follows it knows why it’s there.

Always be kind and respectful: there is never, ever a good reason to be rude or condescending, even if you’re joking.

Provide and acknowledge value: help everyone around you and acknowledge those that help you.

Low ego & radical candor: work to get the best results, not to get praise. Provide and accept honest feedback while also showing compassion and celebrating achievements.

Our story.

The name Flying Cat Marketing is inspired by the story of the CEO’s rescue cat, Buddy. One day in late 2018, he decided to jump off their 6-story building and survived to tell the story. Not without some broken bones, though. He was rescued in Spain, where cats only have 7 lives. So how many lives does he have left? Only the cat gods know. Buddy may never achieve his dream of flying like the pigeons that he admires longingly from the window, but we hope to help scaling startups achieve theirs.


We care about having a diverse team. We are Latina-owned and 2/3 of our leadership team are women. So far, Flying Cat Marketing represents 9 different countries (USA, UK, Austria, Argentina, Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Hungary, and Spain).

Meet the Team

Maeva Cifuentes


Get to know Maeva 👉

Maeva went from freelance consultant helping SaaS companies grow through thought leadership content to building a high-performing SEO team to help serve her clients. She's helped companies like Hotjar, Operto, Avantio and Stonly relieve dependence on paid ads and turn organic search into a leading revenue channel through scalable SEO content. She's speaks 5 languages and In her spare time she does improv theater and works on improving her Italian.

leanka sayer

Leanka Sayer

Operations Assistant

Get to know Leanka 👉

If writing and ticking off to-do lists were a hobby, it would be at the very top of the list for Leanka. She loves systems, agendas, and is a passionate bullet journal enthusiast. She has worked in content marketing for years and has been managing social media accounts since back  when the timeline didn't yet exist on Facebook and 99% of what people posted on Instagram was food. She enjoys organizing and pulling all the loose strings of a project together, which is why she's proud to be doing just that for Flying Cat Marketing.

Katie Bray

Operations Manager

Get to know Katie 👉

Behind every great creative team, there's someone keeping the cogs turning and making sure things get done as and when they should. In this team it’s Katie. She's operations-minded, analytical and on the ball. Keeping track of systems and processes, organization and supporting the team comes naturally to her. She knows that exceptional online presence is paramount, and that high standards are essential, and that’s why she is proud to be a part of Flying Cat Marketing.

Pilar Suquilvide

Client Account Manager

Get to know Pilar 👉

With vast experience managing projects in the translation and economic development industries, Pilar has a unique perspective when it comes to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of implementing a project from start to finish. With a *healthy* obsession over bulleted lists and Excel sheets, Pilar helps the FCM team create awesome content on schedule, clearing any roadblocks that may come their way. Passionate about traveling and writing, she has combined both into her own blog after extensively traveling around Europe and North & Central America. In her free time, you can find her doing gardening, pottery, or chilling with a good film.

vivien magyar

Vivien Magyar

Content Strategist

Get to know Vivien 👉

Vivien uses the storytelling skills she gained during her brief affair with journalism to write content for SaaS companies. She has a special love for the short-term rental industry. Moving to Barcelona in 2015 turned her from a disillusioned film studies major into an aspiring world citizen. On most weeknights, you’ll find her working out at the gym, reading obscure Hungarian poetry at home, or gobbling down some vegan tacos at her favorite Mexican place. 

robert beames

Robert Beames

Head Content Editor

Get to know Rob 👉

Editing isn't (just) about pedantic corrections to comma placement. Rob brings a critical and analytical eye, obtained during a past life as a film journalist. He combines this with an understanding of the commercial drivers behind content marketing, gleaned from time spent in business development, in order to add real value to the content we produce. When he's not doing this, he's podcasting about movies, pursuing creative writing projects, and spoiling his dog.

usman akram

Usman Akram

SEO Growth Strategist

Get to know Usman 👉

With a half scientific and half creative mind, Usman is an SEO nerd obsessed with researching scalable search patterns, diagnosing tough SEO problems and driving in-bound organic search growth for businesses seeking progressive expansion. With a deep love for B2B SaaS and an irresistible impulse towards SEO and marketing, in his free time, he loves listening to SEO/marketing podcasts, reading SEO case studies, and *religiously* studying search engine algorithms with the hope of 100% cracking them down someday (ah, not really).

Mila di Bella

Client Account Manager & Strategist

Get to know Mila 👉

An entrepreneurial spirit in love with content for SaaS, Mila has been through it all: writer, strategist, project manager, freelancer, and now, Client Account Manager. Originally from Patagonia Argentina, she's been traveling around the world since 2018 (and counting!). She devoted to my personal brand, and works hard to nurture my network. She loves reading, doing yoga, and playing with her dog, Molly.

david garcia rui

David Garcia Ruiz

Spanish-language SEO Strategist

Get to know David 👉

David has created marketing materials for dozens of companies since 2015. One of his biggest strengths is identifying opportunities to create content that internet users are going to consume, but he is also able to bring an analytical eye to the copy, ensuring the information conveyed is right for readers. When he is not at work, you can find him running, reading, cooking, or volunteering at a local charity in Swansea, where he lives.


Joana Veiga Ferreira

Content Strategist

Get to know Joana 👉

With over 10 years experience, Joana is super passionate about all things to do with marketing, with a particular focus on content marketing, SEO and digital PR. Joana loves getting stuck into a project, learning everything about a client and then coming up with creative ideas to make them stand out above the crowd. When she is not working with clients, she is teaching the next generation of digital marketers, as a part-time lecturer at two UK universities and an online trainer for start-ups.

Outside of work, you can normally find her on a beach somewhere, eating her way around the world, or getting sweaty at a hot yoga class.


Althaea Sandover

Content Writer & Sub-Editor

Get to know Althaea 👉

Althaea is a word nerd who loves figuring out how language is shaped by culture and politics. She has always found a way to work with words, from rewriting all the menu signs in her very first hospitality job to co-founding an online magazine for women and marginalized people. Althaea is super proud to be part of Flying Cat Marketing, where she gets to write and sub edit insightful content that makes an impact. When she’s not doing that, she can be found petting other people’s dogs and accidentally laughing at podcasts in public.

Aatif Mohd

SEO Growth Strategist

Get to know Aatif 👉

Aatif played a key role in the SaaS marketing team at Razorpay, where he doubled organic contributions through improving demand generation, conversion rates, and trial activations.

Now specializing in SaaS SEO, he loves to work with teams to find & implement compounding growth opportunities that can be found in search marketing. Aatif writes about product-led marketing and is always on the lookout to make the consumer experience better.


Outside work, you’ll find him fiddling, dabbling & messing with stuff until he figures something out.

Jacquiline Romorsa

Client Account Manager

Get to know Jacqui 👉

Jacqui's passion is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through systems, processes, and innovation.

She draws on over 5 years of hands-on experience as business development and operations manager in FinTech and Proptech startups, servicing clients in SE Asia and in the US. She has built and launched a property marketplace AQWIRE in 2018 and has onboarded local and international property developers to the platform. She understands the hustle that comes with developing SaaS solutions, building teams for rapidly scaling startups, and how important it is to be able to delegate some of the marketing work to partner agencies like Flying Cat Marketing.

She has always been an advocate of economic inclusion and empowerment for women and supports programs and initiatives that enable women to grow and excel at the workplace and in their businesses. The Flying Cat Marketing team is made up of 53% women and Jacqui couldn't be happier to be the newest addition to the team.

When she's not working, she loves to spend time with her 2-year-old son and help her husband with their small football school for kids during the weekends.