AI as a Powerful Content Marketing Tool with Pankil Shah

Pankil Shah and Maeva Cifuentes Podcast

Hello hello and welcome back to the Flying Cat Marketing interview series!

This time we caught up with Pankil Shah, co-founder of, an AI writing assistant for content marketers. Pankil gave great insights about how to use AI for writing marketing content, from assisting you with research to helping you nail your client’s tone of voice. 

AI can be such a powerful, time-saving tool that can still help you publish quality content—so long as you’re using it correctly.

Pankil explains the limitations of AI and how to train it to become a valuable asset, as well as everything else you’d need to know in order to successfully start using this writing tool!

Check it out!

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to get AI to do research and train it to apply your clients’ tone of voice
  • The right way to use AI while writing marketing content
  • What is active guidance and why does your AI need it?
  • Why being lazy with AI gets you bad content


01:31: The right way to use AI while writing marketing content

03:27: The time it takes to write good content

06:04: Giving active guidance to an AI

10:16: How to use an AI for research 

11:30: Going from research to writing with the AI

13:55: Getting the AI to apply tone of voice

18:24: The time saved using an AI as a writing assistant 

20:30: Does AI take away from the ability to be creative?

24:14: Advice and key takeaways on using AI for content writing

25:10: Free trials for

You can connect with Pankil Shah on Linkedin


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